Meet Our Team

Jiyeon Kim

Principal Investigator

Originally from South Korea, Jiyeon studied cancer biology at Duke University. Working in Sally Kornbluth’s laboratory, she investigated how survival signaling can alter the apoptotic program and contribute to human malignancies by using Xenopus laevis egg extract system and cell lines.

In November 2012, she joined the laboratory of Ralph DeBerardinis at the UT-Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. There, she identified a new metabolic liability in this highly aggressive subtype of cancer, and also uncovered an unexpected mechanism of nucleotide metabolism by integrating metabolomics analysis with genetic profiling.

In August 2018, Jiyeon became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at UIC with a joint appointment at Hamburger University to study our daily metabolism more comprehensively (JK!). 

Nefertiti Muhammad

Research Specialist

Received a B.A. in  Biochemistry from DePauw University and an M.S. in Molecular and Structural Biology from Miami University. At Miami University, Nefertiti did her graduate work on chloroplasts translocases and is curious about cellular metabolic responses to disease. When not working in the lab, she can be found downtown at the Chicago Shakespeare theater or the Low Country buffet.

Hyun Min Lee

Postdoctoral fellow

Hyun Min did his PhD from Sejoing University, South Korea studying stem cell and antibody production. He is now investigating how mannose metabolism is NSCLC with KRAS/LKB1 co-mutation.

Dan Tran

Graduate Student 

coming soon with his real photo

Tu Nguyen

Undergraduate Researcher

Tu is an international student from Vietnam, pursuing BS in Biochemistry, and expected to graduate in Spring 2021. She is excited to study cancer metabolism!

Shawn Rhyne

Undergraduate Researcher 

Shawn is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology (major) and Chemistry (minor). He is expected to graduate in 2021, and will then move to pursue a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology. When he isn’t researching or tutoring, he enjoys reading and playing video games.

Elizabeth Lieu

Undergraduate Researcher

Elizabeth is a first-year Honors College student pursuing a major in Biochemistry and a minor in English. Upon graduation, she hopes to move onto an MD/PhD program where she combines an interest in medicine with the ability to conduct research alongside others. Besides academics, Elizabeth enjoys painting, drawing, and embroidering in my spare time.

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We're looking for relentless and rigorous graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Feel free to contact Jiyeon if you are interested in joining the Kim Lab.

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